Ecological impact

Protecting our planet

We are committed to participating in the ongoing energy transition and working to reduce the carbon footprints of our own operations and those of our customers in the sectors we serve.

We play a key role in assisting our customers to inspect, maintain and repair subsea infrastructure in order to reduce and proactively avoid pollution. 

Repurposing existing subsea infrastructure is an inherent part of the energy transition agenda with new ways of reusing infrastructure being explored to minimise new infrastructure developments. As a proactive participant in the energy transition, Ashtead Technology continues to work with industry partners and the supply chain to support the development of new technology and methodologies to improve efficiency and reduce cost and safety risk in an environmentally responsible manner.

Decommissioning is also playing a crucial part in cleaning up the oceans and we continue to play an active role in supporting our customers in the delivery of innovative, safer and low-cost technology solutions for the decommissioning of offshore energy infrastructure.

Remote operations

A growing number of offshore operators are turning to remote operations solutions to not only reduce the requirement for personnel offshore and resulting risk exposure, but also to help minimise spending, increase efficiencies and reduce carbon footprint. Through our remote operations centres in the UK and Canada, we have successfully delivered projects for major energy operators worldwide.

Remote operations allows us to continue to bring specialised digital technologies to our global customer base without the cost and difficulties of mobilising personnel to remote locations, ultimately improving the integrity management of safety-critical assets, on a lower carbon basis.

Equipment rental and the circular economy

As a subsea equipment rental partner, we are able to support our customers’ net-zero ambitions as they move away from the standard ‘own and store’ approach towards a more circular model.

By renting equipment, we are helping to reduce environmental impact through shared usage, and by extending the life of assets through ongoing maintenance and repair, so equipment utilisation is maximised over its lifetime, lowering the consumption of materials and energy.

Our responsibilities

As an organisation we are also mindful of the impact of our own operations. Ashtead Technology has Group HSE policies in place to ensure regulatory compliance and continual improvement of our environmental performance through working practises designed to reduce waste, energy consumption and emissions. 


We are committed to improving the sustainability performance of our business

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