What we do

Bringing decades of technical and engineering expertise, we can solve even the most complex subsea challenges, while lowering costs and minimising the associated risks.

With a proven track record spanning more than 34 years, Ashtead Technology has the expertise, knowledge, and technologies to engineer cutting-edge solutions for complex survey and inspection challenges.

Our packaged solutions and integrated services can be applied throughout the life of an asset from field planning and construction to life extension and decommissioning. We also specialise in renewable energy applications and scientific research, building upon our understanding and knowledge of how to apply sensor systems to their full potential.

With our specialist knowledge, expertise and in-house skills, we can provide a complete solution including system engineering and electronic hardware integration, delivering maximum performance, reliability and commercial outcome.

We strive to be the most reliable and flexible subsea services business in our sector, delivering complex projects and enhancing asset integrity.

By developing technology to meet the ever-changing needs of the market, while reducing unnecessary levels of complexity, we aim to find more efficient and cost-effective ways to operate.

Engineered solutions group

Fresh thinking delivers smart solutions that dramatically reduce project cost and risk.

Fresh thinking delivers smart solutions that dramatically reduce project cost and risk.

By applying our engineering and technical know-how to solve specific subsea challenges, our engineered solutions group delivers integrated product applications to increase efficiency and drive down risk and cost in subsea and marine operations.

Ashtead Technology provides individually tailored solutions for unique project requirements, including attitude monitoring, vibration and stress monitoring, optical metrology, data communications, engineering data analysis and integrity management.

Our services include technical consultancy, packaged equipment solutions, field installation, software development and fabrication. All of which can be configured to meet the most challenging of project requirements.

To date we have undertaken over 150 engineered solutions projects. Visit our case studies page that highlights the diverse range of projects undertaken.

Integrated solutions

Our aim is to provide integrated solutions that reduce vessel-time and allow subsea infrastructure to be more efficiently managed through its lifecycle.

We see real-time, remote information connectivity from subsea to desktop as an essential part of this transformation.

Capturing high quality, accurate information in real-time from underwater equipment and infrastructure allows operators to make faster, better-informed decisions which can dramatically reduce project cost and risk.

Based at our global headquarters in Aberdeen, the group delivers global solutions across the drilling, construction, production, asset integrity and decommissioning sectors.