Seabed dredging

The removal of natural material and preparation of the work site is often essential before any cutting or coating removal works can begin. With a range of systems available from 4” to 12”, Ashtead Technology engineers high-performance dredge systems to assist with the excavation of seabed sand, gravel, clay or rock.

Our fleet of electrically driven dredges offer superior suction and efficiency while eliminating the risk of harmful leakage to the environment. Our technical innovations help to improve productivity while maximising safety. We also offer a range of hydraulically-driven ROV dredge mountable systems.

The versatile portability and performance capabilities of our equipment, coupled with years of dredging experience, enables us to provide safe and responsible dredging solutions to meet all our customers applications.

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6inch dredge

10inch airlift dredge

Vortex anchor boss

Hydraulic dredges

Vortex easy dredge

Dredging equipment

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